Knox United Church

A beautiful historic church on Saskatoon's river bank


Sanctuary (the Worship Space)

Everyone who steps into the Knox sanctuary for the first time just stops and looks around for a few moments. It’s gorgeous!

A high arched ceiling, intricate carvings and plaster castings of angels, lanterns and heraldic scrolls, dark oak woodwork and four huge stained glass windows surround you with colour, light and more detail than you can take in. The pipes of the organ highlight the raised chancel space beyond the carpeted stairs at the front. Two side aisles (that’s right, we have no centre aisle!) draw people into the seating area of curved (and comfortable!) oak pews.

The Knox church building is unique in that every window in the building (other than the office and kitchen) is filled with pictorial or symbolic coloured glass designs.

The sanctuary can seat up to 700 people (about 450 on the main floor, plus balconies). It is a wonderful space for our own Sunday worship services, and is also in great demand for weddings, concerts, music recitals, funerals and large public gatherings.

Many groups rent the sanctuary for events. A 16-channel sound system offers high-quality and flexible support, and Knox operators work closely with users to ensure your amplification and recording needs are met. It is a surprisingly flexible space suitable for a great variety of programs. The sanctuary entry is one floor above street level. Generous stairways on either side of the entry are dominated by glorious stained glass windows. Accessibility for everyone is provided by a zero-barrier entrance and a large public elevator to upper and lower levels.

Rod McLeod Hall (lower level of the church)

Rod McLeod HallOn the lower level of the church building, the Rod McLeod Hall has a high ceiling, bright lighting, adjacent washrooms, and side lounge spaces open to the centre hall. Direct elevator access and adjacent washrooms make this space fully accessible. The Hall is suitable for:

  • Up to 200 persons for a stand-up reception or event. A podium with microphone is available.
  • Up to 100 persons, seated at tables for a workshop or banquet (tables and chairs provided).
  • Informal musical events – a six-foot grand piano is available in the hall.
  • Displays and markets (Twenty tables (6’ long x 2.5’ wide) are available.
  • Memorial receptions.


kitchenA large well-equipped kitchen is adjacent to Rod McLeod Hall. It can be used separately or in conjunction with the hall. Two commercial gas ranges, two refrigerators, a commercial dishwasher/sanitizer and generous counter and preparation space are supplemented by a large store of available cups, dishes, utensils and preparation/serving equipment. A dual pass-through counter connects the kitchen and hall if desired.

Renting Knox Facilities

All the facilities in Knox church are available for rent singly or in combination. Charges for each space vary according to the nature of the group, the activity and the time required. Opening, closing, and caretaking costs are included in most charges. To inquire about rental, please contact the church.