Knox United Church

A beautiful historic church on Saskatoon's river bank

Frequently Asked Questions About Worship:

The service begins at 10:30am. Don't worry if you are late in arriving - you can slip in without a problem. The service usually concludes about 11:30am.
It’s up to you. Some folks wear suits or dresses, while others wear casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts. It’s all OK.
Knox is the big red-brown brick building downtown on the riverbank at Spadina Crescent and 24th Street. (our location)
Knox’s parking lot is between the church and the Anglican cathedral next door. You can park for no charge on Sunday mornings. Street parking is usually available nearby.
People and families come to Knox from all over Saskatoon, and from some of the nearby suburban towns like Martensville and Warman. Our congregation includes many retired elders, professionals from many walks of life, a few students, some singles and others.
We love to sing, so we do quite a lot of that! We usually hear two or three readings from the Bible, share some prayers together, receive an offering, hear a message (our minister doesn’t call it a “sermon”), and periodically have special moments such as a Baptism or presentation about a special ministry. Afterwards we gather for coffee, tea and juice (sometimes goodies too!) and conversation with one another.
We sing everything from great old hymns to modern folk-style praise songs. Most of our singing is accompanied by a wonderful pipe organ, although we use a piano sometimes as well. We have a very talented choir of about 20 singers who offer an anthem most Sundays and lead us in singing the hymns. Sometimes we are joined by additional musicians who play trumpet, flute, oboe, violin, clarinet, or other instruments. Music on these Sundays is especially wonderful!
On most Sundays there are between seventy and one hundred of us.
No. During the service many people put an offering of money in a collection plate as it is passed around. However, that is completely your choice.
We hope not! Knox includes a wide variety of people who are happy to welcome you and help you feel comfortable. Almost everyone will answer questions you might have, and we really hope you’ll join us for coffee and conversation after the worship service is over. (Don’t tell our minister, but sometimes this can be just about the best part of the whole service!)
No. The most important thing for us is that each person finds a place to belong. If you feel like you would belong with us here at Knox, great! If not, that’s fine too.
Even though we’re a Christian group of seekers and learners and believers, we enjoy the insights and questions and wisdom of people from many faith traditions and backgrounds. We’ll be happy for you to add your thoughts and ideas to ours.
Children are always welcome at Knox! We offer a group Sunday School for children and youth in the church hall during the worship service. As well, packages of puzzles and coloring are available if you would prefer to have your younger children stay with you in the pews. A nursery is available if you need a more private space for infants or toddlers.
Yes, we offer Baptism for children and people of all ages. Our minister will be glad to talk with you about that.
The beautiful worship space at Knox is a favourite for couples planning a Wedding in Saskatoon. Please contact us to check out the details or check availability for a particular date
We are glad to offer funerals & memorial services as a part of our ministry.
Our Congregational Minister, Rev. Brian Maitland is happy to talk with you or meet with you. Just contact the church office.

Expect a response in one business day. You can reach our support team at: