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Weddings at Knox

a wedding at knox united in the sanctuary

Knox United Church provides a wonderfully rich setting in which to exchange marriage vows. Every wedding ceremony at Knox provides a communal yet deeply personal way to begin the life-long commitment that a wedding signifies. We strive to ensure that each wedding includes words, music, rituals or other features that will make it personal and memorable, reflecting the particular wishes of each couple.

We are delighted whenever people choose to become involved with the life and work of Knox, but membership in our church (or any church) is not required for those wanting to have their wedding here. We welcome everyone, regardless of church affiliation or gender.

Normally one of the ministers connected with Knox will officiate at each wedding here. We can also arrange for one of our ministers to officiate a wedding ceremony that takes place somewhere else, rather than at the church itself. If requested, a recognized minister from another Christian church is welcome to jointly officiate with our minister.

Please contact the church with any questions and to inquire about make a wedding booking. Our Minister will be glad to speak with you about your wedding plans, and arrange for further meetings that might be needed.

You can find information about being married in Saskatchewan here.

Download Knox Wedding Brochure (Updated 2023)

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