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At Knox United Church, infants, children and adults are welcomed in a special way through the sacrament of Baptism. Baptism is always part of a regular worship service, supported by the whole gathered community. In baptism, we recognize that God has already welcomed each person into God’s whole-Earth family, and into intimate and personal relationship with the Holy.

Baby Baptism Ceremony

Baptism is our human way to recognize God’s prior action, welcome a person into the universal church, and invite her/him into a calling as a follower of the ways of Jesus. Baptism is called a sacrament in United Churches (and many others), as a visible enactment of the invisible reality of God’s relationship with every one of us. We are happy to arrange baptism for yourself and/or your child(ren) at Knox United. Please contact the church to arrange a conversation with our Congregational Minister, who will talk with you about the meaning of baptism for you, answer questions you might have, and plan for an upcoming Sunday worship service at which the baptism could take place. Each person baptised at Knox United (or her/his parent) receives a certificate and a candle by which to mark and remember the occasion.

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